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Tuesday, January 06, 2004

I must voice my discontent at this winter we are having. It’s bloody 30 degrees Celsius outside and no sign of snow. I suppose that’s what you get for living in the Southern Hemisphere. Someone should tell that to the advertising agencies predicting snow on their commercials.

So, a whole fucking year has passed and I’m one more fucking year older. It was about this time last year that Drexil and I were destroying brain cells with our volumes of alcohol consumption. Life was so much simpler then; wake up, drink, sleep, wake up, drink. A lot has changed in a year. I’ve stopped drinking as much, not as bitter as I used to be and I hardly leave the house…. then again this time last year both Drexil and I were single.

So anyway, now that I’m one year older and have turned into a half man I’ve decided to put away bastard things and feel that it’s finally time to put Hooker Bastard to rest. And I know I’ve retired this blog before but this time I’m serious… and if you could see my face you’d know just how serious I am. It’s got that really, really serious look on it mmm what can I compare it to. Like for instance if I were a doctor (which I’m not) and there was this guy who was dying…let’s say from a gun shot wound. Ok, several gun shot wounds; one to the head, one to the stomach, one to his neck, one to his left foot, four to his right foot, ten in his leg, one it his left ear (which kinda makes that two to the head) and one to his right, middle finger. Ok, let’s just say he got shot by a machine gun and I was the doctor treating him and I knew he was gonna die and his family were standing outside and I went to them and told them he was going to die. You need to have a serious face to do that, even though there may be a desire to make jokes but all in all you gotta have a serious look on your face when to tell people that their friend or family member is dying and that’s the kinda look I have on my face right now. Though don’t get confused I’m not dying just putting Hooker Bastard to rest.

Also, far too many people I don’t want reading my blog are reading it…SO FUCK YOU ALL and you know who your are…. fucking wankers. So I’m going into the Blog Relocation Programme (BRP) and will be starting a new life but I will pop by from time to time to say, ‘hi’ and comment on your blogs and stuff…. so it’s no a complete good bye.

Anyway…bye everyone.
Hooker 10:38 AM

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