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Tuesday, October 28, 2003

So, on Thursday I turn old. There of many of you who seem to think it’s a great thing to celebrate the day of your birth, but what you are actually doing is celebrating one year closer to your death (mmm, I suppose there is a bright side to life).
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Monday, October 27, 2003

I used to be a fun animal loving kinda guy but as life goes on I’ve realised I don’t like all of them. Like for instance, I don’t like animals that are called Ted or Roger, or animals that pick on other animals, or animals that Hi-Jack one anothers cars, nor do I like piglet animals that eat ones doughnuts in the morning, nor do I like animals that whine for food and are a pain in the butt. Ever seen those awful kids that throw temper tantrums in super markets cause they didn’t get their own way? And they never stop, even after the shopping experience is over. Those are the kind of kids you look at and say to yourself, ‘I never want to have kids,’ or ‘I hate kids.’ Those nasty animals I just talked about, they’re just like those kids; you never want them.

I did play a wonderful hunting game on my brothers PC yesterday (and no it’s not cruel, they just virtual animals. They don’t feel a thing) and I must say it has a great catharsis to it. I got to even the score with a couple of nasty deers.
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Tuesday, October 21, 2003

You know how you can always feel flu coming on; well I can feel insanity coming a mile off. And I think this next bout I'm getting is gonna be hard to shrug off. Everyday I wake up, it's infected me a little more and I find myself thinking about La La land a lot. It may be the Deer inside. I walk around work looking at people through warped, manic eyes and as much as I tell myself I shouldn't kill them, the big, dark deer inside tells me to. I fear I may be lost forever and things are gonna fall apart.

I hope I didn't make this sound like a bad thing.
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Tuesday, October 14, 2003

People who live in glasshouses shouldn't throw stones. Why? Because people can get hurt. Stones can be pointy and can cause one to bleed. In 1995 there was this guy who lived in a glasshouse who once threw a stone at a woman walking in the road. The stone hit the woman on her head and her brain fell out. She died two days later in hospital of shock. The guy who threw the stone had to flee his native country because the police were after him. Due to his exiled situation the guy was forced to become a postman and stole NASA's space shuttle and went on an intergalactic crime spree.

The man's simple, glasshouse living life was disrupted by one silly throw of a stone. So everyone should be careful next time they throw stones.
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Monday, October 06, 2003

Right, I'm back from holiday and have to say I could do with another one. EBJones' wedding was smashing from what I could remember of it i.e. I have the photos as memories.

Good thing about my holiday though, I didn't turn into a deer once. Yay.

On a more downer note, I still don't have a new job. I was hoping to receive a wonderful, 'when can you start phone call', but alas I didn't. I was also kinda hoping Luke Sullivan would, from out of the blue, give me a call and offer me a job (the bastard hasn't).

Anyway I've got a new game I want to try and market, which hopefully will make me some cash so I can leave my current job, it's called: 'Fenetik Skrabil'. It's a game that people who can't play regular scrabble can play. I'll keep ya all posted.
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